Steps to Paradise

Dhul Hijjah Edition

A Step-by-Step Journey to Help You Take Your Salat to the Next Level

Sunday 11th July - Sunday 18th July 2021




8 Day Live Experience

Establish a deeper, more meaningful relationship with your Lord and unlock the doors to paradise by improving the consistency and quality of your Salat once and for all this Dhul Hijjah during the 10 best days of the entire year!

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"The first time I prayed with the right mindset and following the course guidelines, it felt like I had never prayed before, like time stood still. I didn’t want to lift my head off the ground from prostration."

Success In This Life And The Next Begins With Transforming Your Salat

The Prophet Muhammad, may God grant him blessings and peace, said:

"The first action for which a servant of God will be held accountable on the Day of Resurrection will be their prayers.

If they are in order, they will have prospered and succeeded.

If they are lacking, they will have failed and lost."

Deep down, you know that Salat is the key to success in this life and the next and the most important way to attain nearness to Allah.

When done properly, Salat is a blessing and a huge source of strength. It’s the ultimate measure of the relationship between you and Allah.

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But has your prayer become a mindless ritual with a lot of external movement but one that’s lacking in depth and emotion?

Is it just an automatic ‘tick-box’ exercise you simply cross off your to-do list five times a day?

Does it feel like a challenge trying to unravel what exactly you are saying in your prayer or why you are saying it?

If so, isn’t it time to take urgent action to improve the quality of your prayer so you can unlock all its benefits in this life and the next?

If you're struggling, then know that you’re not alone…

Sadly, far too many Muslims simply can’t connect with Allah through their Salat because they’ve never really been taught how.

Instead of your Salat being a meaningful, deep and reflective experience where you truly feel Allah's presence, Salat becomes a dry and unfulfilling action.

Focus is lost, you feel distracted and the deep emotion you’ve always wanted to experience seems out of reach.

But connecting with Allah through your Salat shouldn’t be so hard!

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That’s why this Dhul Hijjah, Transform My Prayer is bringing you...

Steps to Paradise

A Step-by-Step Journey to Help You Take Your Salat to the Next Level

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Achieve consistency, focus and tranquility in your Salat once and for all

Steps to Paradise is different because it’s designed and delivered in a relevant,
practical and inspiring way.

It will help you to:

  • Change the way you look at your Salat so that you approach it with the right mindset

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the words, actions and positions of Salat

  • Learn tried-and-tested tips and techniques which you can use immediately

  • Establish a real connection with Allah in your Salat

  • Experience the unique joy and tranquility of high quality prayers every day

  • Transform your Salat into a source of peace and blessings

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been praying for years or you’ve just started on your Salat journey, Steps to Paradise will help you develop a newfound love and appreciation for Salat so you actually look forward to it!

Yes I Want to Transform My Prayer and My Life
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Don’t take our word for it…

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Here’s just a glimpse of the feedback we’ve received from the hundreds of students who have taken this journey:

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"Eye-opening, humbling, inspiring. Every Muslim should do this course."

“The lessons were really inspirational, life-changing and extremely rewarding mashAllah.”

"I wish I had been taught Salat like this when I was much younger!"

"Thank you for developing this amazing course. It has had such a positive impact on me and my family in so many ways."

"Hands down, this is the best Islamic course I have ever taken. Powerful, engaging and relevant."

Yes I'm Ready to Take My Salat to the Next Level!
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Take Steps to Paradise this Dhul Hijjah if…

  • You're not getting as much out of your prayers as you feel you should

  • You struggle to pray on time and want to achieve once and for all the consistency that is required

  • You're looking for tranquility, harmony and stability in a world that always seems to offer the opposite

  • You go through the motions of Salat but want to feel more emotions

  • You want to get a deeper understanding of what you say and do in Salat and why

  • You want to achieve a positive transformation in the most important action of your life in the most important month of the year...

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Meet Your Instructor

Iqbal Nasim

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Iqbal is the founder of and instructor at Transform My Prayer.

He’s also Chief Executive of National Zakat Foundation, the UK's only local Zakat platform. In 2019, Iqbal was awarded an MBE for services to Tackling Poverty and Community Development.

Prior to heading up NZF in 2011, Iqbal worked for over five years in the investment banking industry as an equity analyst. He holds an MA in Economics and Management from Cambridge University and an MSc in Voluntary Sector Management from Cass Business School.

Iqbal is an experienced public speaker, having given hundreds of talks and Friday sermons on a variety of subjects relating to Islam.

He has memorised the Qur'an and has an official license for the accurate recitation of the Qur'an with an unbroken chain of teachers back to the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Iqbal lives in London with his wife and four children.

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I Want to Transform My Prayer and My Life

Here’s What You'll Receive When You Join:

8 Transformational Daily Live Sessions (each 60 minutes long) so you can achieve consistency, focus, and a deeper connection with Allah through Salat.
Live sessions will take place from 8.00pm to 9.00pm UK time from 11th to 18th July.
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On-Demand Recordings of Live Sessions released within two hours of the sessions (by 11.00pm UK time every day) with 3 months of access so you can recap or catch up.
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Household Access so you can learn with your family in the comfort of your own home.
Many family members have benefited from taking the course together so that they can learn together and support each other on their prayer transformation journeys.
Previous participants have ranged from 10 years old all the way up to 81!
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Downloadable and Printable PDF Slides full of tips, references, translations and transliterations to supplement your journey to take your Salat to the next level.
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Direct Q&A Access via WhatsApp, Telegram and Email so you can submit questions privately to the instructor at any time.
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Special Bonus: Lifetime access to the on-demand version of the Steps to Paradise programme broken down into bite-size chunks… so you can come back and review the content any time you want!


Special Bonus: Lifetime access to the on-demand version of the Steps to Paradise programme broken down into bite-size chunks… so you can come back and review the content any time you want!
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Bismillah, let's do this!

Take your Salat to the next level and connect with your Lord like never before

An amazing package!

  • Daily 60-minute Live Sessions 8.00pm UK time, 11th-18th July

  • Access to Recordings of live sessions, released daily 10.30pm UK time 

  • Household Access so you can learn with your family in the comfort of your own home.
  • PDF Slides full of tips, references, translations and transliterations 

  • Q&A Access (WhatsApp, Telegram and Email)

  • Special Bonus: Lifetime access to the Steps to Paradise on-demand bite-size 40 day edition

Here’s More Feedback We’ve Received From Students

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Average score out of 10 from over 150 previous
participants when asked:

"How likely are you to recommend this course to your family members or friends?"

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Alhamdulillah since attending your course in Ramadan, I can say Allah has blessed me with a consistently higher level of khushu in most prayers between then and now ma shaa Allah. And subhanallah, some of my best prayers in terms of khushu and feeling truly at peace worshipping Allah have been at home during Ramadan in lockdown or on my own at work in the office.

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Thank you for the spiritual upliftment and most importantly recalibration during lockdown and Ramadan. The lessons were really inspirational, life changing and extremely rewarding MashAllah.

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Thank you so much for the Transform your Prayer course… [I] have found a huge impact on my Salah! Although I am a native Arabic speaker I have never appreciated the words spoken in Salah on such a deep level. The difference is amazing.

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I would like to say that I have enjoyed your Steps to Paradise course, especially in these unusual circumstances of lockdown during Ramadan. It has been something to look forward to every day, so Jazakallah Khairun for enabling us to receive this benefit and may you receive Ajar for your efforts.

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I have just been catching up with session 4 and its really great Jazak Allah khair. I had such a tearful Asr Salah just now, alhamdulillah. Also the part where you describe about how we go through different stages in our journey towards purification was very helpful. I am really grateful to have had this opportunity and so pleased I registered as it's a really transformative process.

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I wanted to thank you for running such a wonderful course on salah. Alhamdulillah it has been very beneficial and most of the people I have shared my experience with would love to take it up when you do offer it next In Shaa Allah.

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Thoroughly enjoying your beautiful gems of knowledge over these short bursts of sessions, and allowing me to connect with our Lord. These short lessons allow me to gradually build on what is lacking in my salaat rather than being bombarded with too much information in one go.

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MashaAllah the course is very much needed for us as a family, spot-on in terms of the level of detail for young and old alike, well-paced and very well delivered - Allahumma barik lahu.

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My prayers are certainly more connected, punctual and focused than prior to attending the course. If my mind starts drifting away, I can soon bring it back by thinking deeper into what I am saying, which is helped by now understanding what the meaning is. My movements are more purposeful and slower and reflecting on the reason for prayer has certainly increased my fulfillment of praying.

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Truly this has been life-changing and I don’t say that lightly. And what’s so awesome is that within just a relatively short space of time, I can feel a difference in my salah and even the way I prepare for it. Indeed there’s a long way to go and it’s something that will need to be worked on constantly, but I’m actually filled with excitement at where this journey will take me insha’Allah. May Allah bless you for your efforts in bringing this to us. I sincerely make dua that so many more get to go on this very same journey, because it really is something!

I'm Ready to Take My Salat to the Next Level!